Improving the outlook for surgery and surgeons remains the primary function of Surgicom, and the strategy for achieving this is really two pronged:

  • Representation on bodies which make determinations affecting our future as a profession, the manner in which surgery will be practiced, and the vision for the future.
  • Ongoing contact with the funding industry to attempt to achieve an appropriate level of remuneration, and to establish a strong voice when decisions are made.

Vascular Society of Southern Africa

The objectives for which the Association was established were:

  • To aim at the improvement & advancement of the study of vascular disease in general.
  • To act as mouthpiece for medical & paramedical persons with an interest in vascular disease.
  • The advancement of knowledge & the science of vascular surgery.
  • To stimulate research in all aspects of vascular diseases.

Pan African Association of Surgeons

The Pan African Association of Surgeons (PAAS) was founded on 1 August 1995. The Association aims:

  • To address/identify the surgical problems in Africa
  • To co-ordinate surgical training and research

South African Gastroenterology Society

The objectives for which the South African Gastroenterology Society was established were:

  • To promote an interest in and the study of digestive diseases and abnormalities of the gastrointestinal system, liver, bile ducts and pancreas
  • To serve as the leading authority and major voice in Gastroenterology

South African Society of Surgeons in Training

Our mission is to become the premier representative body for all health care professionals' interested in pursuing a career in general surgery.

Surgical Research Society of Southern Africa

The aims and objectives of the Society include promoting the science and practice of surgery, providing for the interchange of information about research related to surgery, as well as to represent and further the interests of surgeons in Southern Africa.


Trauma Society of South Africa

The Trauma Society's mission is the prevention and mitigation of trauma due to all forms of mechanical injury (penetrating and blunt) through the propagation of quality treatment and appropriate surgical intervention.

The South African Colorectal Society

The South African Colorectal Society is a newly formed society to capture your interest in a growing field of medical endeavour


The South African Society of Endoscopic Surgeons

The Society was established to promote high standards of endoscopic surgery in South Africa.

  • It will disseminate knowledge and training via academic meetings, training courses and sponsorships.
  • It will formulate and provide guidelines for basic and advanced laparoscopy.
  • It will advise and assist official bodies such as South African Medical Association and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) with credentialing issues and ethical issues arising from the practice of endoscopic surgery.
  • It will seek to co-operate and interact with the other South African surgical societies and with international laparoscopic societies.

Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Association of South African

The purpose of the HPBASA is:

  1. To promote understanding of the causes, investigation and treatment of disorders of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree;
  2. To encourage the interchange of clinical and scientific knowledge among doctors in related disciplines working in this field;
  3. To study any relevant problems that affect the liver, pancreas and biliary tract and to facilitate collaborative research into the factors that lead to disease of these organs and their prevention;
  4. To foster friendship among clinicians and scientists in different disciplines involved in hepatic, pancreatic, and biliary disease;
  5. To strive towards the highest ethical standards in this field of endeavour;
  6. To foster education and career development in the field through an identifiablefunding mechanism;
  7. To establish a forum to facilitate the collation and analysis of data, discussion of problem cases, and voluntary audit of management and outcomes.