To enable an individual of exceptional academic, intellectual and clinical ability to travel to centres of excellence for a period of 4 to 12 weeks.  During this period the recipient interacts with leaders in his/her field or fields of interest.

The ASSA/Sanofi travelling fellowship will be awarded on a biennial basis.


  1. Individuals of exceptional talent, within 5 years of having completed their final specialist training. This period is inclusive of any sub-specialist training, if undertaken
  2. In respect of sub-specialist training: only candidates who have completed sub-specialist training recognized by the College of Surgeons will be eligible, namely Vascular Surgery, Surgical GIT, Trauma and Critical Care.
  3. The recipient must undertake to return to South Africa, and remain in South Africa for a minimum of two years. This time should ideally be spent in a teaching institution.
  4. Applicants must be members in good standing of the Association of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA).
  5. The applicant may not have been awarded the ASSA Young Surgeons sponsorship in the same year and vice versa.


Applications need to be in writing and consist of:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A proposed itinerary
  3. An indication that the University Chair of Surgery where the individual was allocated their HPCSA training number supports the itinerary
  4. An original article published by the applicant in the past three years if this is available
  5. Two confidential references from senior members of the ASSA, one of whom should be the head of the department in which the individual works
  6. A letter undertaking to return to South Africa for a period of two years after completion of the   This letter should also include an undertaking to submit a report on the fellowship to the secretary of the ASSA within six months of returning from the fellowship.


The winner of the Fellowship will be selected by the extended executive committee of the ASSA on the recommendation of a selection committee appointed for this purpose.

Selection of applicants will be made by an ASSA sub-committee consisting of the Chairperson, President, Honorary Secretary and two other members of the Executive Committee.

In the event of two or more candidates/ proposals being assessed as having equal worth, the selection committee is entitled to determine a single winner, or to support more than one candidate should funding be available.


  1. The winner of the fellowship is expected to submit a written report to the secretary of the ASSA within 6 months of their return.
  2. The experience should also be presented as a formal presentation at the AGM during the bi-ennial congress of the ASSA.
  3. Furthermore, it should be published in the South African Journal of Surgery.


The value of the Travelling Fellowship is R100 000 for a period of up to 3 months.

Closing date for applications

Applications should be received by the Administrative Officer, Alison McLean, via email:

assa@worldonline.co.za no later than 31st May 2019.