(Please submit by 31 July 2021 for consideration and discussion at the ASSA Augmented Executive Commitee)

The Award

The award is to recognise individuals in the surgical fraternity who have provided exceptional service to surgical patients and to the community over a long period with particular emphasis on the aspect of selfless contribution. It is directed at the unsung heroes of the profession.


The following criteria will be considered for this award

  1. The award is directed at people who have distinguished themselves in the delivery of surgical services to the community.
  2. They must be respected members of the community and emphasis will be on issues affecting the surgical community and the community at large.
  3. The recipient must be in good standing with the Health Professions Council of South Africa
  4. A recipient may only receive the award once.
  5. Eligibility for the award is not restricted to ASSA members.



Nomination will be by a proposer and a seconder who MUST be members of the ASSA. Both must append their names on the nomination form.

Judgement and announcement

The award will be judged by the ASSA executive committee. It will be given at the Biennial ASSA congress and the announcement will be made at the Congress banquet.